About the scarves


Yeshen Venema Photography

In keeping with the philosophy behind her art, all of Clare’s designs combine digital and traditional techniques.  The scarves are made in England, where she oversees the production process from start to finish.

The scarves are designed in two formats, long and square.  The square scarf designs are printed onto 100% silk measuring 120cm x 120cm and 65cm x 65cm.  Luxurious, translucent and incredibly soft against the skin, this silk fabric offers a vibrant and easy to wear addition to a wardrobe.

The long scarves measuring 200cm x 25cm, are made up of two fabrics combined  to create a generous double layer piece.  The casual comfort of the organic (GOTS) hemp-bamboo jersey contrasts with the vivid sheen of the printed hemp-silk layer.

Clare uses hemp fabric mixes for its strength, breathability and draping qualities.  The hemp plant enriches the soil on which it is grown, grows well without herbicides and pesticides and uses only 20% of the water needed for cotton growing.